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SharePoint Plug 'n Play

SharePoint 2010 Branding, SharePoint Office 365 Customization, Office 365 Branding, Design und CI ...

With this unique and online based SharePoint 2010 Branding Tool, you are able to create your own Corporate Identity SharePoint CSS within few minutes.

With this SharePoint 2010 Branding Tool you need just a few clicks to change the main logo, the whole structure and layout of the website, the main banner, colors, navigation and a lot of more. Additionally a Live-Preview will show you all changes directly when implemented.
After you have finished your customizations, just create and save the generated CSS file and import the file into your SharePoint 2010 environment. That's it!

No matter, if you want to create and design a private homepage or a professional enterprise intranet portal. With SharePoint Plug 'n Play you will have a good looking website, including a Content Management System (CMS), a Document Management System and a lot of out of the box features more.
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You want to know how it works? It's just easy...
With our online based SharePoint Plug 'n Play Manager you can create your own CI in less than 5 minutes. As you can see at this website, you can imagine the power of this tool.
There are just a few clicks necessary to include your own banner, define width and height of your website, to change the background image and a lot of more.
With the integrated Live-Preview you will always know, how it will look like.
After you have finished your customizations, a CSS file will be generated and can be downloaded.

Click below to open the Online Designer!

(For an exact and detailed live preview we recommend Microsoft Internet
Explorer Version 8 or higher. Also start your IE within
"Full screen" mode - Shortcut F11)
To get an idea, which power is inside "Plug 'n Play Branding for SharePoint 2010", we created three individual SharePoint Styles. Of course, also this website nextFLOW is based on SharePoint 2010 and was customized and branded with our Online Tool.
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Office 365 & SharePoint 2013 Online                       Office 365 & SharePoint 2010 Online
 Beauty.png  Cars.png  Green.png
     Live Demo 1:  Fashion Style                                  Live Demo 2:  Auto Spare Parts                            Live Demo 3:  ​Green Animal Planet
There are five Versions of "Plug 'n Play Branding for SharePoint 2010":

* USD based on today's currency rate (EUR/USD)
How does it work?
1) For trying out, just open our Online Designer (Full Screen - Shortcut F11 and Microsoft IE 8 or higher is recommended)
2) You are fully convinced? Register and buy one of the five packages.
3) After you are logged on at our Online Designer you can create and design your SharePoint Style. When finished, just download your design via the "SAVE CSS" Button. After a successful download the Open Styles Counter will decrement.
4) The final step is to integrate the CSS File into your Master Page or to use the SharePoint User Interface to include the file. More information about this can be found at our BLOG.